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This is more than just a workout challenge. It’s your daily support, motivation and community to transform your body and confidence.

30-DAY Lean Challenge

Stop putting it off and get back on track!

With zero equipment and in only 30 minutes, I will sweat, motivate & hold you accountable unlike ever before. Each day we’ll do a new workout together to burn fat, build lean muscle, lose weight and most importantly transform your confidence and energy levels. No equipment is needed, you just need to press play and follow along!

  • Workout on your OWN TIME
  • Outdoor, At Home or At the Gym!
30-Minute <span>Workouts</span>

30-Minute Workouts

No Equipment <span>Required</span>

No Equipment Required

Workout <span>On Your Own Time</span>

Workout On Your Own Time

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Unlimited Leanspiration, Delivered Daily

Unlimited Leanspiration, Delivered Daily

See How our squadies transformed

""When we first spoke I was unhealthy and unhappy at 260lbs. Your non judgmental approach to fitness is amazing and your "whoopsie" pep talks on weekends have been invaluable in keeping a positive mentality. Down over 83lbs now and feeling better than ever!""
Squadie @Alexhrvy • Oakville, Ontario
""I can't express enough what this challenge has done for me, more than anything it has kept me disciplined and focused during very hard turbulent times. It kept me sane, I felt I had something to look forward to; something I was accountable for everyday." "
Squadie Michelle • Vancouver, BC
""I started at 161lbs and I'm now down to 135lbs... it really comes down to the combination of the workouts AND your meal plan. My muscle definition and strength is improving every day and I am on a physical high every time I finish another session. So, so happy!!" "
Squadie @Drees11 • Victoria, BC

7-Day Free Lean Challenge

Start your own 7-day challenge alongside me for FREE – anytime, anywhere. Once you sign up, you’ll get emailed a new workout every single day for 7 days! 20 minutes, no equipment, just your bodyweight and a whole lot of leanness!

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"You really changed my life for the better."

- Squadie @Neyla88

LeanSquad Meal Plans

Every meal plan is designed by myself and a nutritionist to be delicious easy to make, and transformative! No more crash dieting or bland food! This will transform your body and the way you see your food for ever!

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